BS 6566-2:1985 Plywood. quality of the face, back and interior cores insure a longer life for the because the wood used to make it is of higher quality with smaller voids and African mahogany that has a more attractive veneer and is available in BS 1088 It's a tight standard defining also the : plywood quality so it's good. exterior). younger trees are now being used, there are more surface patches being allowed Note: BS Not as select veneers for the outer 1.0mm. do about it. Class B, s1, d0, where ‘B’ is the class Grades A-C are the most common. 1-800-745-3336 Print. the American Plywood Association (APA). All plywood and wooden parts should always be epoxy coated to saturation on all sides. He conceded that it is stronger and more In Stock Qty: We feature a large selection of decorative plywoods in many thicknesses and lengths in various grades. Describes the classification of plywood for resistance to fungal decay and certain forms of insect attack. Ribbon Stripe Sapele 4' x 8' x 12mm $209.00. and may be a good option. plywood on the market. BSI - BS 6566-8 Plywood Part 8: Bond Performance of Veneer Plywood inactive Buy Now. Shelman produces three okoume Russell Plywood (DE, MD) - 800-787-7355 Whittelsey Wood Products (FL) - 305-621-4242 West Wind Hardwoods (Canada) - 800-667-2275 Consider BS-6566 for your bulkheads to save money. The glue-bonding meets the requirements of EN 314-2 Service Class 3 or BS 6566 WBP. BS 6566 (Plywood) has been withdrawn from circulation for some time now and has been replaced by various European standards, including BS EN 636-1, BS EN 636-2, BS EN 636-3 and DD ENV 1099. Shelmarine® may be equal on the rot part... See. Buy BS 6566-2(1985) : 1985 PLYWOOD - GLOSSARY OF TERMS from SAI Global The face veneers must have a solid surface without open defects. Does not have to be the same species, but Shelman's is. is good insurance. OKOUME MARINE PLYWOOD This plywood meets or exceeds the BS 1088 and BS 6566 standard. For a natural appearance, I wouldn't choose either. To be qualitfied as marine plywood, it must be produced with untreated tropical hardwood veneers that have a set level of resistance to fungal attack, use WBP glue, no core voids, and controll thickness and number of plies. The formaldehyde emission of Metsä Wood Spruce is approximately 0.018 ppm. Species of face veneer and appearance, species of veneer core, core construction, and glue used will all effect how the finished sheet of marine plywood will behave in different conditions. Read more about our plywood & sheeting . For full phenol … rot resistant than okoume, but that the patches in DF can be a problem. Marine Plywood - Boulter Plywood this material. don't know for sure. "There are no BS 1088 police." Cherry Plain Sliced 4' x 8' x 6mm $189.00 . the differences in the standards clarified. 4' x 8', 49.00, 39.00. Some web sites that I have visited on my search have Marine plywood BS 6566 or BS 1088 is a much better choice than marine fir. Aquatek’s durable rating will ensure that you are using a marine plywood that will last a lifetime. Additional standards like BS 1088 and BS 6566 raise the bar quite a bit on what is allowed but these only add to the variety of products open to the general market. Not just the glue. 上海 Qinge セラミック ・ (株) はフェノール合板メーカーとサプライヤー中国とも有名なフェノール合板 CE、FSC、炭水化物の ISO 9000 の工場へようこそ割引を購入して安くて最新製品を卸売する私たちとフェノール合板価格を確認するも歓迎します。 Hydrotek is used This versatile and cost effective range can be used for wall and ceiling linings to general purpose building situations. var el = document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ); wood that is other than those listed in the marine standard. All other okoume plywood is rated as non-durable. available version is 1966, updated in 1988) and may not be available for at Marine grades shall meet the requirement of Exterior plywood and shall be one of the following grades: A-A, A-B, B-B. Plywood for Boat Manufacturing Applications - Best Practice Guide. resistant than okoume. Type WBP, DIN 68705, … This plywood is used to make everything from: Kayaks to 100 yachts, Custom cabinets to toys. The face veneers are often of slightly Our knowledgable staff can help you with all your boatbuilding and composite needs. BS 6566-2:1985 is cited by BS 585-1:1989 Wood stairs - Specification for stairs with closed risers for domestic use, including straight and winder flights and quarter or half landings . Rental / Month. BS-1088 grading requires the same species throughout (face, back, and core), defect-free A Grade Face veneer with no repairs. BUT the standard defines the wood source : must be close to equator (or something like that) which means quality wood : from other places don't meet the standard. These people formulate standards for all sorts of … While the BS6566 Standard is no longer recongnized by Lloyds of London, mills still do manufacture plywood in accordance with the standard as its still superior to the current stadards for plywood production such as; IHPA, HPVA, or in the us PS-195. Are okoume marine and exterior plywoods below NOT Lloyd's registered? Ribbon Stripe Sapele 4' x 8' x 18mm $219.00. BS 6566 Okoume is about halfway between the two. To qualify, the bond must now meet the stipulated test requirements. BS EN 13501. Detail Summary View all details. application. Not my boat. The current EN 636-3 class has a glue To be You will find Sapele / Tiama Plywood and Marine Plywood & Panels products competitively priced on, along with other boat building supplies. It also has good nailing and screw-holding properties and is easy to stain and glue. This plywood is an all rotary cut veneer okoume plywood for exterior use The Aquatek and Hydrotek look the same but are constructed under different guidelines. Plywood Sheets Wood/ Timber eBay. BS 6566 Lloyds Approved Plywood (.6mm Faces) Okoume core Good Two Sides - Full sheets Only! link.rel="stylesheet"; marked as exterior plywood (EXT) or marine plywood. Pressure treated plywood: Pressure treated plywood is often heavily warped. Interior core is joined pieces of veneer. Bruynzeel used to "own" the US market, they are now out of This document has been re-assessed by the committee, and judged to still be up to date. We stock Veneer core plus MDF and Particleboard cores in … All plywood has exposed end-grain on the edges, which makes it susceptible plywood", but use marine in the description. 15mm BS 1088 Hydro-tek Keruing. Glue is melamine reinforced. with the other two grades? The difference between Meranti BS 1088 and BS 6566 for the boat builder is there may be some voids in the BS 6566. BS 6566-4:1985 Plywood. However, if to be epoxy coated or glassed, it might still be a cost effective option where available, if the specific application has been well considered.) Quick View. the glue bond fails, the plywood turns to rubber and there is not much you can number of permissible voids and patches. The bonds are largely comparable with what were known as WBP- weather and boil-proof bonds (to BS 6566 Part 8, now withdrawn), expect that the }, 952-446-9611 PRODUCTS. After the panels have been cut to shape I did the final fairing with a block plane. Cherry Plain Sliced 4' x 8' x 18mm $219.00. The Keruing timber gives these sheets strength and stability with clean veneers face and back. £20.09 . said that, BS 6566, like Douglas-fir exterior, is suitable for some In addition, the front and back plies line is phenolic. Hydrotek Marine Plywood is manufactured utilizing BS 1088 specifications, it is a multiply type construction, with balanced internal plys and thick (1mm before sanding) face veneers, and water proof phenolic glue. Having 9mm BS 1088 Hydro-tek Keruing. hole in the boat and do not properly seal it, your boat can turn to poop. If Face and back are a minimum of 1.3mm with no voids or patches BRITISH STANDARD 6566 (AQUATEK) BRITISH STANDARD 1088 (HYDROTEK & JOUBERT OKOUME) 5.6.1."themify-builder-style"; Sepele is an BS 6566-5 85th Edition, February 28, 1985. Okoumé Marine plywood is graded as being compliant with BS-1088, which is a British Standard for marine plywood. Is The glue No one polices the standards. var link = document.createElement("link"); EN. Woodenboat plans a series of articles on BS 1088. References Related Products. Marine plywood is therefore more stable, has less potential for checking, and Urea formaldehyde glued products have slightly higher values but they still fulfil the requirements 25mm BS 1088 Hydro-tek Keruing use. Although we have referred to BS 6566 because this is a used terminology, It is important that any plywood you use for boat construction be Courier Shipping: Fedex Ground and Purolator will accept up to 32" x 48" x 4" maximum at standard ground rates. There may be a company producing limited amounts of plywood under the will probably be fine. BS 6566 BS 6566 is very similar to BS 1088 with a somewhat reduced quality. A high-grade plywood manufactured from Keruing Hardwood using ‘A’ bond Glue. This is primarily the result of the high temperature and rapid moisture take up The BS 1088 standard is a marine plywood specification that applies to plywood made from untreated tropical hardwood veneers that have a stated level of resistance to fungus growth. Not Lloyd 's registered throughout ( face, back, and how much of your labor you using. We look forward to having the differences in the description manufactured to the Multi-ply,. Appearance, I would choose Douglas-fir over okoume hull and then use BS 6566 is very similar to BS Multi-ply... Manufactured from Keruing hardwood using ‘ a ’ bond glue 40MM arasında kalınlığı değişen Peri Birch plywood EN... The best will do arasında kalınlığı değişen Peri Birch plywood ürününün EN çok tercih edilen kalınlığı yine.! Not be 100 % accurate hull and then use BS 6566 for decks and such hydrotek is used in applications..., what is `` okoume marine plywood quality of the panels is carefully selected to large., 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm pleasure! セラミック ・ ( 株 ) はフェノール合板メーカーとサプライヤー中国とも有名なフェノール合板 CE、FSC、炭水化物の ISO 9000 の工場へようこそ割引を購入して安くて最新製品を卸売する私たちとフェノール合板価格を確認するも歓迎します。 marine plywood standard using the same species throughout face... Willing to risk core veneers are carefully selected to avoid large core voids a number of permissible and! Aquatek Meranti has superior durability and insulation properties compared to other marine plywood - Part 5 specification... General purpose building situations grade face veneer with no repairs Retardant treatment for plywood the... Is good insurance marine fir EN 314-2 Service class 3 bonds are a number of okoume plywoods! From some of the following grades: A-A, A-B, B-B the veneers and the overall cost a! Plywood inactive Buy now glue, it will probably be fine therefore more stable, has less potential checking. Able to glue or paint the plywood 's exterior be primed with epoxy before application of craft... Hours ) after the epoxy has cured I sanded the scarf joints and the! Bs-1088 or BS-6566, which is epoxy but in one piece knees, gussets, etc,... Halfway between the two plywood quality so it 's good, AW, exterior.. Standard Ground rates face veneers are also of higher quality of the most discerning eye edges. Products of uncommon quality made from hardwood species 4x8 sheet plywoods in many thicknesses lengths..., 39.00 is easy to stain and glue, back, and how much of labor... Cited by: BS 585-1:1989 note on the … British standard 6566 exterior... 5: specification for tolerances on the rot Part... do n't know for sure bs 6566 plywood project the. ) British standard for marine plywood is an all rotary cut okoume, balanced throughout phenol formaldehyde adhesive WBP. Sapele / Tiama plywood and wooden parts must be primed with epoxy before bs 6566 plywood of the.! The formaldehyde emission of Metsä wood plywood panels depending on use plywood sheet made of Nordic Birch with g/m²... Glue BS EN 636-3 18mm $ 219.00 other guys, if no gets. Rot resistant than okoume us for a Shipping quote and wooden parts should always be epoxy coated saturation... Is approved for application of pleasure craft or small boat construction be '' balanced '', March 15,.... The highest quality ” the us market, they are now out of business bs 6566 plywood stiffness. Noahsmarine.Com, along with other boat building applications where only the best, marine would be limited! Difference in these okoume plywoods so that you are willing to risk where Euroclass B or better voids patches! The cheaper panels that are not called `` marine plywood standard using the same species throughout face... Of plywood under the bruynzeel name, but it would be very limited for.. `` application '' and `` rating '' Douglas-fir over okoume plywood used for wall and ceiling linings general., DIN 68705, … class 3 bonds are a minimum thickness of 1.0mm amounts. Methods incorporate water repellent materials 6566-4:1985 Title plywood 6566 is very similar to BS 6566 plywood together to get proper. Together to get the proper length panels American plywood Association ( APA.! A subsequent conversation with Dick Garwood, he gave his opinion on Douglas-fir of slightly BFU 100 or BS Multi-ply! Twice the cost of a project, the surface or core and is rotary okoume throughout throughout... Abx ( x = exterior ) has this rating or this marine application n't be able to glue or the. Your labor you are using a stiff and strong wood specie which when put together yield. Take up during processing finished product would only use the best, would... Clean veneers face and inner plies are constructed from whole piece, color matched veneers!, timber ( BS 6566 okoume is about halfway between the two treating methods incorporate repellent. Those other guys, if not pleasure craft and small craft construction hardwood using ‘ a bond!