SHOCKWAVE RECORDINGS (1994 - 2003) was founded by M.Damm and C.Debold in collaboration with Michael Zosel.

In the early nineties, an electronic music developed which fused late eighties' and breakbeat-style sampleadelia with the power of industrialist techno. With a focus on this music, Shockwave has become Germany's best-known electronic hardcore label.

Since its foundation in 1994, it has been the flagship of the Street Trash family, conjoining of a number of producers that have played a major part in the inception of the style, most notably the Speed Freak. Over the years, worldwide recognition has resulted in collaborations with other artists in Europe as well as the United States, Japan and Australia.
While raw dancefloor energy has always been compulsory on Shockwave releases, the appeal goes deeper. On the several dozens of 12"s and albums, references to contemporary pop phenomena abound, both tracing their history as well as offering commentary that oscillates between embrace and ridicule.
The result is a hardcore cabaret, a horror comedy of modern culture that has spawned classics that survive long after the mid-nineties heyday is over.