Welcome to RE:FUSION !

Re:Fusion is a collective of artists and labels who have their own vision of electronic music and joined forces to promote their musical ideas.
Expect some quality-productions on the Re:Fusion-Labels in the future !

Update 13.03.2017 Qcore 014 : Spinecode - Murder The Shadows (Info).
Update 10.01.2017 Order66 06 : Nayami - Experiments In Mind-Penetration (Info).
Update 20.10.2016 Qcore 013 : DJ Mutante - Step Inside (Info).
Update 20.09.2016 Cycore 011 : Chryzis & The Speed Freak - Ich Bin Ein Speedfreak (Info).

The people behind Re:Fusion are Martin Damm (Cycore Recordings and RETROlogic) and Francois Robichaud (Quebecore and Secret Services). Together they are running the label Order66
Besides these new labels, Re:Fusion also provides information about the labels that
Martin Damm is running (and has been running in the past).
Re:Fusion also offers a professional Mastering-Service for your tracks.

You can buy the releases of our labels Cycore Recordings, Quebecore, Secret Services, and Order 66 at Hardtunes, Junodownload, Trackitdown, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, and RetroLogic at Bandcamp.